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Joe Wright Films - Atonement vs Hanna

January 29, 2022 Martin Harries Episode 58
Film vs Film Podcast
Joe Wright Films - Atonement vs Hanna
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This week as Cyrano will eventually come out in cinemas at some point. We are going to focus our picks on the films director, Joe Wright.

Warning we will be talking SPOILERS

Boaz's pick for this week is yet another war film, Atonement. On this one we talk about the amazing acting especially from Benedict Cumberbatch and James McAvoy. We talk about that controversial ending. And of course that very naughty letter. IMDB page

Martin's pick for this week is the action thriller, Hanna. On this one we talk about how this film just doesn't feel that impressive anymore watching it today. We talk about the head scratching moments of logic. That family! And the wonderful Tom Hollander. IMDB page


As ever please enjoy. 

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Hello film fans welcome to the film versus film podcast. My name is Martin Harries your host and I'm joined by the filmic Cyclopedia man pious Dix. We are a couple of filmmakers on occasion but mainly Can't Stop yapping about movies. On this podcast every episode, we pick a topic from a film that's coming out at the cinema, or on VOD, myself and buyers pick our favourite film from that topic, and we battle out to decide which film will become the greatest film of all time. According to two film geeks from Wiltshire, England, if you enjoy this podcast please leave us a review and subscribe. Hello Potter Rooney's this week on the film versus film podcast, as Sara know, was supposed to come out this week, but jumped ship at the last minute and move to February. But it was too late to change the subject. So we're sticking with Joe Wright films for this week. And as ever, I am joined by the Secret child assassin. How are you sir? Yeah, yeah. I don't know how to respond to that. Yeah, it's like Oh, shit. He knows who I am. Yeah. Yep. The secret child with a large beard. And he's been, you know, 611. Yeah. Yeah. So that's a weird child. Yeah, like, like a bit back. I mean, that could be a thing actually an assassin. I think that'd be grateful. Really. But anyway, okay. I wouldn't watch that. As an outlet, so right. Should we go with your film first then bounce? For for Joe Wright films. I went with atonement. Cool. Why did you go with atonement? I think it's the only actual one I've seen of Joe Wright films. I'm not going to pretend I actually know who the hell Joe Wright is. I had no idea. What was his name before further Steve Wright or whatever? Yeah. So I had no idea. So I just put a list of his movies. And you know, I recognise Hannah. I've never watched Hannah properly. I think I watched the end. And I thought, wow, that looks kind of cool. But you'd already pick that. So I was like, ah, yeah, atonement. I mean, I've seen atonement. Yeah. So I'll pick that why atonement and not darkest hour. Do you like your war films? You like your war history? Yeah, I do. I do actually like my war films. Well, I think the main reason I didn't pick darkest hours because of you. Didn't, I think you said you didn't like Darkest Hour very much. In one conversation we had and then I was like, well, that's obviously not the one that we're gonna win. Yeah, okay. Yeah, no, I do like my war films. But so what happens in atonement? So atonement is the story of Briony Tallis. Brian, like Briony Tallis Bryant. Yeah, brainy towns. I think it's like the 1930s when she's quite young, just before the war, you know, very kind of rich, you know, young like 12 year old girl and stuff. And her sister, played by Keira Knightley. I forget her name. Cece, Celia. Celia, she's got kind of a crush on like the gardener or something that played by James McAvoy McIlroy names bass line. James McAvoy. Um you know, he also has a huge crush on her. They end up like having sex during a sort of dinner that's happening. You know, where the family has invited loads and loads of other socialites and bring it Briony sees them you know, have sex and stuff is a bit like taken aback. What was it then? When two kids one of these other socialites, their their kids, two of the boys run away? Their sister has basically gets kind of like raped I suppose. In a field when they're searching for Yeah. And Britney, Brian, he or she thinks it's James McAvoy, his character because she's just convinced that he's some sort of sex, demon or whatever. Sex fiend sex maniac. Yeah, sex mania. And so she accuses him. You know that she said she saw it and she knew it was him and stuff. And he goes to jail. And then he gets the choice actually to after serving several years to go into the army, which he does But he has this kind of long distance relationship with CeCe over letters and stuff. And he wants to come back home and she wants him back. And Brittany is trying to atone for this by being a nurse and trying to, you know, sort of fix what she's done. Because she knows. You know, she she literally did not see him that night and she kind of lied. And yes, ruin their life. So what did you make of this one, then? Yeah, I thought it was all right. I love this film until the end happens. Yeah. And then I felt a bit annoyed. But we'll get to that in later directing. Then. One thing I found interesting in the opening moments of film is the fact that the action seems to be like connected to the music a lot. And you get that a lot of Hannah in the opening scenes as well. Like in the opening shot, you see Briony Tallis played by Sasha Ronan, typing away a typewriter. Then, when she leaves her room, like the sound of the typing becomes part of the score almost like almost seamlessly. Then when Kira annihilates character Celia Tallis gets to the house. The piece of music ends when she plucks the piano. So it was it was quite a nice opening few scenes where Joe Wright definitely connects diegetic sound to the score. You get that a lot with Hannah as well. So I quite liked that. In a few scenes. I quite like the way Joe Wright shows you the same scene but from different perspectives. Yeah, I quite like that as well. The first one at the start is where like Robbie Turner play by James McAvoy seems to have an argument with Celia by the fountain vase breaks and Celia has to go into the water to fetch the broken piece. And it's all done from like, bronies perspective up in the window. The fact that Brian he can see probably looking at Celia, just in her undergarment or where Brian he's like, Nope, I don't like this guy. You know, you definitely get the feeling that she doesn't like him because Robbie seems to inspire her like villain character in the story later on. And I think he definitely get a sense for the story as well that Briony is secretly in love with with Robbie as well. Yeah, there's certainly a jealousy factor there as a child, then you see the scene again. But from like Robin Celia's perspective, with all the like, the little acting nuances you get in that as well with the direction. I also thought it was kind of adorable that when she leaves the, you know, fountain and they just kind of look at each other, like camera back and forth. And then how he kind of very gently like puts his hand on the surface of the water. It's almost like, you know, kind of touch her in that moment, you know? Yeah. Then you have the scene where Robbie is trying to write an apology letter to Celia about this behaviour, about his behaviour. He can't write anything good. But then he writes a very naughty erotic letter. And I never thought I would see the word displayed right across the screen at one stage. I was like, wow, they went to each each keystroke of the you know, yeah, so that was quite a surprise. Then he comes up with an actual letter of the apology and you assume he puts the apology letter in an envelope. Then in the next scene, Robbie is walking to the party that he's invited to and this is Brian he playing by the river in a Robbie asked Brian need to take the lead as Celia so he doesn't do it himself because he would feel a little foolish. But you don't know why. And it's just you know, it's just an apology. Then there's this brilliant sliding shot on the back of McEvoy's head which finishes dead centre then you have a few shots repeated from the previous scene of him like lighting up his light or a few times, things like that. Which is repeated several times, you know, in quick succession with this dramatic typing music again. Like a score is great in this actually. Yeah, yeah, it is. And it's revealed that it's the erotic letter. Then McEvoy bellows out Briony so it's just a really well done reveal of Robbie's desires and Briony suspicions when she like, you know, opens it opens. And then you have a repeat of the of the same shot where he keystroke the words as she's reading into it. It's all done in this very kinetic way with the music and the fast cutting. So I think that's definitely one of the best scenes in and then later on, you have this amazing mazing like one on Dunkirk following Robbie and his two comrades along Dunkirk beach. I think that's that's probably my favourite. It's such an intricate long shot. There's so much going on. It's also some taken from quite far back because they let you walk onto the beach. Talk to a sailor about you know, getting off the beach and he's like, you know, no fucking chance you know? quite rude. Yeah cuz he's like you know you got to have to wait your turn there's hundreds of 1000s here and then you know literally goes around and you know you've got people playing people fighting them taking, you know killing the horses, some guy smashing up all the trucks. It's such a lot of stuff and then acquire where it just goes around the corner. Yeah this bandstand Yeah, on the Promenade, and they go back up the promenade, promenade, you see the steam coming off all the all the trucks and then they go on the pit where they hit the camera like leaves Robbie a few times so the timing with him coming into shot and then walking with the camera again was was really quite clever and and then kind of stops on the pier. And you can see like, in the distance of where that and you can't even see where they even started. Probably it's it was so far away. Yeah. And they probably couldn't have had many goes at it. Because it's all done in like magic hours. The sun's going down. So it's like one take a day, probably. So they don't get it right. They literally have to wait. I suspect to the next day. So this is pretty insane. It was an incredibly intricate scene. Just insane rehearsal for that. Is that your favourite shot, man? Yeah, I think by far, just the technical brilliance of that of that sequence is just just incredible. Because you got 1000s of extras loads of vehicles and special effects. It's just like, Lady able to get all that right in one shot is so impressive. Yeah, not my favourite shot, though, because I think everyone would pick that shot. Yeah, I think the different one. You got to be bloody special, don't you? Yes. That long. One shot scene at Dunkirk was quite beautiful, impressive and smooth. But then then a few scenes later, you see a grown up Briony who's a nurse in a hospital. And when all the men arrived from Dunkirk It's chaos. Like a lot of fast cutting a lot of graphic imagery of the soldiers very bloody as even a few like handheld shots in there to create more chaos. And it's interesting to see because you don't see many hospital scenes like this in war films. I don't think shot like this that much. So you get more of a sense that this is like during a war than the Dunkirk long shot in some ways. But the scene where Briony unravels that French soldiers head bandage and a large piece of sky was horrible just falls off. I was like, Oh, I nearly I literally nearly threw up and I was like, yeah, that's pretty fucking extreme. I mean, she's gonna remain cool and calm after seeing. I mean, fucking hell. Yeah. I mean, I think it's great that he gets a cut of her and like, you know, she is horrified but she's keeping it together because she doesn't want to freak him out. The swimming costume on Benedict Cumberbatch though. Wow, that looks snug not much room to manoeuvre in that muddy Oh yeah. I love wearing there's enough room for you to bite it God that was a really creepy line. Jesus Christ. Yes, it was have to bite it I've never seen Cumberbatch creep here in that moment Ron, why don't you run but my favourite shop though. There's a few that I like actually. Yeah, I think there's quite a few that are really great. Where we're bright our adult Brian is reintroduced again. I thought that was great with all the nurses basically in lines all the sisters this other one barking orders at them and they all move away. You know from the the the formation they're in. And she's left centre. Oh yeah, you're like, oh shit, that's her. Yeah, and I like that. I thought that was kind of an effective way of reintroducing a character. Yeah, yeah, there's an absolutely gorgeous shot of robbing two soldiers walking in in France where where the sun is coming down in Magic Hour illuminating the mist and fog and the camera tracks around them all in silhouette. Of course. Anything was silhouettes I'm I'm loving it. Then you see like a small river and three bombers flyover reflected in the river. I was just like, wow, that that looked incredible. That's my favourite shot. You know, there are some some other like stunning shots in this in terms of cinematography as a beautiful shot of Keira Knightley in silhouette on the beach and the cliffs of Dover in this like bluey green tone. There's even great shots of Robbie walking in front of this like underground cinema. You know, then the projection filling like the screen at an angle, just some really, really great shots in this. So directing score for me. There is a big issue I have in this film, which is near the end, which I think is partly directing and partly screenplay and I'll get to it in the screenplay. So I will go with like an 8.6 I think I think if they did that particular scene differently, it would be a nine. Definitely. So what are you going with bounce? I think I will go higher than that. I'll go and 8.99 I think, writing screenplay then, with the storytelling, of like showing the same scene from different perspectives in this film, it does feel like you're very much watching a book being adapted. I mean that in a good way, there's a scene where like Briony finds, like a piece of jewellery on the floor and follows a noise through the house and find Celia splayed across the bookcase. While Robbie is on the fingers of the two of them, like coming out of the shadows was kind of brilliantly done as well. From a directional standpoint, it's like you've watched a particular chapter and then you get the same again, seen again, but from Robbie and sylius perspective, or how they rush on the bookcase. You know, you can concentrate on them more and what they're saying to each other rather than what you would normally see have the same perspectives like intercut so it's like you're watching a book in a way that's how I felt while I was watching this film at times. I think it's good as well to try not confuse the audience to have like a moment where you sort of know it's being replayed again I think this I think they did it with the first time I can't remember but was the second time where he rings the bell so you've got that twice almost like the same shot the same thing he's at the door ring the bell and then you have from Brian's perspective and you have the whole scene play out and she's doing stuff and what have you moving around and and then what you know sees the thing the broach and and goes there and then you have the seat, the same exact shot play again. he rings the bell button. It's from literally from that and yeah, I thought that was pretty cool. I quite like the way like Celia and Robbie get separated by a case of like mistaken identity. That Brian he thought she saw Robbie raping Lola and Robbie gets arrested for the fact that Brian he didn't like him anyway, because she thought she attacks Celia early on in the library. But I don't understand why Paul Marshall, who actually did rape low level decided to do it to do it when everyone was trying to look for the twins. Yeah, that's pretty crazy. It seems a bit stupid to me. Like someone's going to find you people are actively looking for the twins in the dark with torches so it's a bit like I guess maybe it shows who's absolutely desperate. So you know, don't don't get don't get too much in the mind or reverse. Reverse isn't logical. Yeah, he's a bloody smart move of his to Mario though. I mean, you know, even like, Yeah, well, shit. Well, we can't do anything. It was him money he married. Oh, fuck, yeah. When she even goes to the wedding. I thought that was that was also a good shot where she's, she's really embarrassed when she's at the wedding. She keeps looking away. And she's looking down and then you see the whole procession and when they go by her, she looks up and her friend looks away. You know, I like that. Yeah, the acting in that from Benedict Cumberbatch is really good as well, where he's like walking back down the aisle, and as soon as he locks eyes of Briony his eyes are like he's seen a ghost while the rest of his face is still trying to catch up to who he's just seeing right directing as well to make it feel very quick making the acting even better you know? So the ending is really interesting ends with Brian he finally making contact with her sister Celia and it's revealed brilliantly with the direction that Robbie is living with. In that fleeting shot. Robin Celia want to make her write a letter explaining everything that he was Danny Hardman, who raped Lola, then Brian, he says, No, it was Paul Marshall, which basically means Robbie is screwed. He's going back to prison after the war. Then we cut to the modern day. And we see Briony as an old lady played by Vanessa Redgrave giving an interview to sell her her last book and reveals that the last scene during the ward didn't actually happen. Robbie died at Dunkirk and Celia drowned in a London tube tunnel. So Brian is trying to give the characters like a fictional ending to their lives they deserves and I actually really liked it's very poetic and it's a very interesting way on like to comment on like the virtue of telling the truth. But my problem with it, it's executed really poorly. In my opinion, one it looks ugly in the TV studio setting, you know, in this really beautiful film tonally, it just doesn't fit. It's all wrong. Like to why would you reveal to the world that your ending is all made up? No one's gonna buy your book If the ending is fake, so I feel like they could have done the same scene but in a more of a private setting at home telling her granddaughter or something that the ending was made up and I you know that she wanted to write a better ending for these two characters that she feels so guilty for. You know, I love the idea, but just wrong saying badly executed. What's your thoughts on it? I never even thought about that. But, you know, my general opinions of the film is I think it was shot pretty well. I think there are some good lines, some good story there. It never like compelled me that much the story and I'm like, it's interesting, but I just don't, I don't really care that much. You know? I'm not I'm not really sure if I'm just a heartless bastard. Or it's maybe the fact that they're all posh. And I'm like, I just do your love story. People, I get what you're saying a little bit, because at times, it does feel like a little disjointed between the characters. Yeah, you get the 30 scenes and then so you're with Robbie and you you really get the the romantic tension between Robbie and Celia and a lot of it. And then like we don't see Celia for a while. Yeah, for a long, long time yen so yeah. So I kind of get this this feeling I wish they they kind of had like, sort of, you know, either it was you focus on what's a face Brittany? Like a lot? Yeah, that that would be most of the film if it's her film. So you know, I can get very emotionally attached to her. Or you focus on Robbie and, and Cece, but I just feel like I didn't really get enough scenes or kind of feeling for for Cece, you know, for Kiera Knightly, knightly his character, I think. Yeah, I don't know. That's just my field. So you know, I was like, oh, yeah, you know, so it's, it's unfortunate that they can't spend their lives together. Oh, well, I didn't feel like you know, how I think I should have where I should be bawling my eyes out that they never got to be with each other. Yeah, I just didn't get that. Even by the end. I was like, Oh, well, you know, that's unfortunate. But I think there's an issue as well the fact that not that Keira Knightley is a bad actress. I really like you're in it. But like, her character is not particularly very likeable in this film. Yeah, I don't think like Robbie is quite likeable. He, you know, there's a lot to his character. But Celia, she's like the really bossy older sister. Yeah, yeah. I think especially when he joined the army, you know, I really feel for Robbie, because you like, man, you are going through some shit. You know? What's keeping him alive is later. I love the scenes, because he's even trying to dictate letters to her. Like, he's trying to think the next thing he's gonna write. But I just didn't feel like she got much development afterwards. Because I think you're right. She's just a bossy sort of brat. And he loves her for some reason, you know, you can't use these things. Then she's taken, he's taken away from her. But you don't really get much of her and her side of the story, but mainly sort of Robbie, and he's thinking about it constantly. And he's going through this hell, and then you know, he dies. But you know, I'm not seeing what he sees. I can't see why he likes us so much. So I kind of wish maybe they did more scenes with Keira Knightley his character and tried to make her a little bit more developed. Yeah, I wouldn't mind it. It was an extra, like, 20 minutes longer. Yeah, 20 minutes, just just from her point of view, like how much she's struggling without him. And you know, what's going on with her? And then I think I might have cared a lot more. But yeah, yeah, I actually think we've just solved that there. You know, I think yeah, just an extra 20 minutes with Kenites nice character, so I can actually understand why he likes her, or, you know, make her a little bit more likeable at the beginning. And, you know, I think I think I would have been genuinely sad, but it does strike me that this is the second time I've watched this film. And, again, the second time where I'm like, yeah, it's unfortunate, but you know, oh, well, you know, I don't think that's the end. You know, the the response he sort of wanted at the end. I mean, what's your take on that student TV interview scene? Did that work for you? Or no, it gave me sort of vibes of like Titanic. But I think at least with Titanic, I mean, you know, that's established. It's like the frame of the movie. But yeah, I don't know. I think I do agree with you. Where it kind of Yeah, it does feel a little strange. It does feel it does feel quite out of place. Yeah. I think maybe maybe if they did it a bit a bit different maybe a lot more like Titanic where you frame as she's older or maybe like as well. Yeah, maybe Saving Private Ryan as well is a good example where you establish at the beginning you know that this has been told in memory in retrospect you can still have the reveal that the ending was made on piano Yeah, I think I think you're right, it probably be a little better in a sort of more private setting of just saying Yeah, listen, you know, yeah, they died. It was all my fault. Fuck in and Yeah, I made that last bit up. Yeah. And I think you're right. I think doing it on public while it might be sort of our she's really getting it off her chest. She's really, it's like, I think you're right. Like who's gonna buy that now? Yeah. Yeah. And and saying, you know, the fact that she's dying is not as doesn't work for me, you know, the fact that she's doing it now because she's dying doesn't work for me. It's not a strong enough argument to actually go on TV and say yeah, the ending was was all made up I'm like, come on. I can't read that deep in thought now. Yeah I'm just trying I'm just trying to trying to get my thoughts on this. It's like, you know, I do think it's, it's, it's shot good. I think the story is pretty good. I do think you know, and there's some really great moments in it. I think it's, it's mainly the main three characters and to be honest, the one I resonate most with is Robbie and stuff he goes through but you know, yeah, at the end, I don't know if I'm as emotionally invested in what happens to each of the characters, you know, but you know, I do feel like oh, that's a shame. But you know, maybe if they were fleshed out a little more, you know, I might be literally crying but, you know, just don't feel this as a few interesting lines. I quite liked one from Benedict Cumberbatch, where he's like, I make a cocktail we've crushed ice rum and melted dark chocolate, chocolate. It's absolutely scrumptious. And Robbie well this is not line but he types out in the letter in in a quite a shock moment. In my dreams. I missed your Oh sweet. Oh Jesus your poetry. You know, you should write that to anybody who's listening. If you've got a girlfriend you're quite light, but well I go you quite like send her that letter. It will win any girl over works for James McAvoy. Ignore Bo as please don't do that. You want to keep your teeth but my right. My favourite line is from like the cockney soldier when they're walking towards Dunkirk. And he says we fight in France and the French frakkin a made me Home Secretary I'll sort this this out in a fuckin minute. We got India and Africa right. Jerry can of France and Belgium and whatever, whatever else they want. Whoever. Whoever fucking ever been to Poland, it's all about room and they want more empire. Give them their shadow and we keep it and it's Bob's your uncle furniture fracking aren't. I thought that was great monologue. And you got a favourite line then? I think the one that sticks out to me is just the creepiest. Yeah, it's Benedict Cumberbatch going you know, you have to bite it. You know, it is yes. But um, I do like this line where he talks to like an older Briony. You know, Robbie, where it's like how old do you have to be to know the difference? Because she's like I was 13 or whatever. Like, how old do you have to be to know the difference between right and wrong? Do you have to be 18 You have to eight before you bring yourself up to own up to a lie. There are soldiers of 18 years old enough to be left to die on the side of the road? You know, I thought I thought that was pretty cool. So screenplays score for me. I think as a as an epic like an epic romance during set during the war. I quite like the fact that the Mistaken Identity Plot point was really good. I like that. You know that the breakout of the wall extends that wait for them to come back. I quite like that. But again, I think you're probably right. I don't think Celia gets enough to do to make that relationship really strong and really stick and again, I'm I'm not saying I didn't hate that last moment that last reveal. I think it's just executed badly. And as I said, I think it's just it's partly this the screenplay and the direction that play a part in that I think can because the setting of it is to do with that as well. And I think that comes more than with the direction a little bit. But actually with the word the actual word spoken from from Vanessa Redgrave were great. And so in a story structure sense I really liked that the or just just executed not great. So I'll go like in 8.2 I think for screenplay. How about you sir? I think I'll go a 7.3 7.3 Blood Yeah, yeah. You just did not connect with these characters. I just I just didn't really connect. i To me, I just think that that's a big missed opportunity. If I don't feel slightly teary eyed that the fact that you know they will never be together again. That's horrible. This was a horrible injustice done to them. And I can see it is but I just I don't know, you know, even with that reveal, I'm like, oh, you know their story. I'm like, oh, that named, you know, I you know, I just I feel like I should say more than how that's a shame. I should be like, Oh, Jesus Christ. Why does it hurt so much? Yeah, exactly. And if I'm not feeling that I do get disappointed, you know, and I think I think that's a reasonable thing to get disappointed on. I do like the film. I'm not gonna disagree, like there. I do think it's, it's a pretty damn good film. And I think it's written really well. A lot of the lines are great. The story itself, by and large is pretty good, but because it's just missing that gut punch. For me, even though in theory, it's satisfying. But I don't feel it at the end. Yeah, to me, I've got it. I've got to deduct some major points there. I think I connected with it a little bit more than you. Probably because I'm Porsche I don't know. Yeah. Probably. Probably went to school. Yeah. I think what do you say? I said, you probably went to school with Africa. No. Not that posh. But yeah, I think you're kind of right as well. I think there's just too much disjointedness about the storytelling between the key three characters. I know that's kind of the point as well, but Yeah, true. That stretches so far in a story like this. Right? Acting then, like the acting from Keira Knightley and James McAvoy is brilliant at the dinner table after Briony caught him checking. Yeah, I thought I look so uncomfortable. Then when Brian he shows everyone Lola's Chinese burns thinking it was from the twins Juno Temple looks really guilty Yeah, and and then come a patch looks so uncomfortable. Yeah, no cuz I like how ENT J's. Oh, yeah, those bloody kids. I had to pry them off her. Isn't that right Lola insulate? Whoa, fucking hell. This is horrible. So how the hell are the parents? sense? I mean, it's not so overblown that it's it's melodramatic and, and like overacted but it's so it's subtle enough that you're like, Yeah, something's going on. It still made me feel very uncomfortable. So it's just a brilliant way you go from feeling uncomfortable for Robin Celia to feeling very uncomfortable yourself. You know, brilliantly done. Then, like the feeling is diffused well with humour when like Briony revealing a letter and Keira Knightley bursts out saying Give it to me. Yeah, I feel pride he says it's from the twins and like your and it looks really embarrassed. She's really great there. I love the moment from Robbie when he meets Celia at the cafe like six months, six months before Robin travels to France and the Second World War. They like awkwardly sit down and Robbie is just stirring his tea and like Celia gently as anything puts her hand on Robbie's and you can see Robbie squeezing that spoon really hard. And the stirring is not smooth at all. And then Robbie like takes her hand off his and finishes stirring his tea smoothly, like nothing happened. And I love like the little acting details like that and it makes their relationship you know, much stronger than dialogue could in those moments. And that's probably my favourite scene between those two just really subtly done. Yeah, I thought that was actually kind of adorable. I sort of forgot about it. But yeah, no, it is it is pretty good. But I like how he's even like, you know, you don't owe anything to me for something that happened, you know, three years ago and he she's like, do you not read my letters? You know, I would see you every day if I could have such a shame. Yeah, it was quite nice. It was quite nice conversation like that. I think my favourite performance will go to James McAvoy for me. I think he does this. I've kind of talked about this before, which is always quite like this kind of like internal rage. He kind of portray especially in that last scene when he's confronting Briony a grown up Briony even though that's not even real. But it is still. He's so good. They he definitely saves the film in a way. Yeah. In those moments, he becomes unpredictable of like what he could do to. To Briony. Yeah, I thought that was great. Yeah. What was another bit I quite liked? Or were kind of rages at Briony when she was younger, because she quite liked him as a child. And she so she's like, if I jumped in here, would you if I fell in would you say yeah, so yeah, of course and she falls and he's like, What the fuck? And he's like, you stupid child. He's just losing his share. What's your favourite performance? And I yeah, I think I would go James McAvoy. I think you're right. He can do very well that whole you know, he's got emotion bubbling bubbling beneath the surface that he's trying very desperately to put a lid on. He doesn't have Very well, whether it's like, you know, it's love. It's absolute passion and he's trying to just make sure it doesn't show one scene. He's actually amazing. And I kind of forgot to mention this in screenplays is those flashback scenes with his mum, when you think at the time they're flashbacks, but now is actually a point in the film where he's died in Dunkirk. So he goes to sleep on the street in Dunkirk. And then he like comes comes back and you think he's drunk because he's got a bottle. He think he's really drunk after that flashback, which you think is a flashback? Again, it's all done with like, very blurry cinematography, and the acting between him and his and his mum was great there. And I like the fact that in a script point of view as well that I don't really let on that he's dying. Before he goes to sleep. I need to watch it again. But I don't know whether they currently show that with with his acting, but I didn't get the sense that he was dying of septicemia No, I mean, they never mentioned it. He he looks quite weak and quite pale. But the guy's like, you know, you haven't slept in days and stuff. And obviously, he's keep threatening and thinking over this thing. So you know, he's not quite looking the best, but it kind of seems reasonable. And then at the end, he reveals that you know, he had actually septicemia and he's that I just quite like the way that was set up, though, that he you never really get an inkling for me anyway, that he was dying that he died in that moment. It just felt like that was a flashback that he's just missing home, you know? Yeah, so that was that was really well done. So acting score for me, I'm gonna go with, like an 8.7. I think the acting is is the strongest element for me in this Yeah. Yeah, I think the acting is is pretty damn. pretty damn good. I'm gonna go to a nine I think. Cool. All right, let's add up the scores then for atonement. Atonement gets 50.7 Right, my pick then for j right films is a film that is spelt wrong, Hannah. It doesn't have an h on the end, which is weird to me. But there we go. Why did I pick this? Well, I've never actually seen this one before. It's one of these picks where I'm going for one I haven't seen before I'd seen atonement. I've seen darkest hour. And I hadn't seen Anna Karenina. I wasn't terribly interested in that. Kind of wish I picked that one now. I wasn't a fan of this much. Really? Yeah. It was quite disappointing as an action film. What did you make of this one? So that's surprising. No, I I actually, I actually liked it. So it's kind of strange, but yeah, yeah. Okay. Could have some different what happens in Hana? Well, we meet a young while girl 13 called Hannah the title character played by Sasha Ronan zeta Ronan. And Father, Eric Bana, who plays Eric and they're in like this snowy forest in Leipzig, Germany, and Eric is kind of training her up something dangerous. It seems like basically training her to be an assassin. We don't know really. What for. And then one day, Eric arceau. You like tell me when you are ready. You can flick this switch and then someone will try and kill you. People will come and come after us. slightly odd. But there we go. And then we meet Cate Blanchett character, Marissa Riegler. She runs a government agency. And we soon realise that Eric's an agent that needs to be like tidied up loose end that has emerged that that needs cleaning up basically, she soon realises that this actually needs to be done off the books. So she hires the amazing Tom Hollander as this gay German hitman to find and kill both of them so it's basically a long chase film. Yeah, wasn't a massive fan. To be honest, directing then like the scene where all the government agents like surround Hana in the cabin was quite disappointing because you have all this fast cutting and you just see like two dead guys on the ground where Hannah has killed them off screen. So I was like, okay, there, they have underplayed the scene on purpose and and we're going to have like the really kick ass action when Hannah escapes the compound. But they just cut around the action a lot and don't even show certain blows, then she escapes with ease. So the whole sequence was quite disappointing to me. Plus, there's a random like split screen shot, which I hate when it's done badly and it's done badly here. I do not like to split screens. Don't do it. It's displeases. Are you listening directors? It very rarely works. I mean, did you like that or not? I can't even remember the split screen to be honest with you. I literally, there's just a flash up of split screen of just. That's why I'm like it's done. What? Why I put this in there? Stop. Yeah, no, I mean, I was disappointed the verse. I think there's the first couple of action scenes really, I think, to me, where it really starts to kick into gear as an action film is quite late into the film. And it's with Eric banners one take walk into the thing and I quite like that. I thought that was shot really well. And I thought that was pretty cool. And then I think even some of the scenes after that were were still pretty, pretty cool and pretty stylish. But yeah, now I will kind of agree that the beginning one in the cabin, I thought, you know, some shit was going to go down and then as you say, kills two people off screen. And then it's immediately captured. I was like, captured off screen as well. So you know, I mean, like, what what the hell was that? Especially the build up where you've got like, literally dozens of armed guys. And I did like the camera work of like a because they do a lot of showing her eyes like close real extreme close ups on her eyes as she's taking everything. And she's like looking through the through the door and stuff and you've got all that and you're like, oh shit stuffs gonna crack up. And nothing really happens. Yeah, she does kind of leave the compound pretty easily. I mean, she snaps what she thought was Mrs. Neck, I thought that was kind of cool. Because of how like sudden that happened. She was like, you know, giving her a hug or whatever and crying and like, like, you know, this is a bad idea and just literally just snapped her neck. And then everybody rushed in and she shot them and then just ran. Yeah, that was probably the best bit. I thought that was cool. Yeah, that was probably the best bet in this. Yeah, that was the best by far the best bit in the scene, because it's like the build up as well. I thought was great. You know, where she's pretending to be Marissa even like the reveal where Marissa is like, I'm going in there. And you know, fuckin red wig, you know? And you think, oh, that's her. And it turns around, it's something just completely different person. And she's being fed in lines. And then she cries and you're like, What the hell's going on? Hugs? Are you like what is going on? And then just that was pretty badass. As soon as it's it was revealed. It's not Cate Blanchett. I'm like, Yeah, you're dead. Yeah. You ain't live in from this. But yeah, no, it did. It did happen way too quickly. Then there's this really weird sequence where Hannah is running down a tunnel and the cameras spinning all around her in front of her and cutting at lightning speed at times, and I think it's supposed to show how disorientating she's getting because she's never seen anything like this, but she's in complete control of the situation. She's getting away with his and I felt like it was a little pretentious to me certainly in many scenes it just looks like Joe Wright is trying way too hard to make this exciting I'm just like no just yeah yeah Come the fuck down. Yeah need to calm down a bit with the camera work is way too much. Yeah, I think I agree with that. Like yeah, fast cuts and yeah, yeah, so that was just like why why quick zooms in and all this other stuff you like too much too much. I do agree with that. At least there. JAY WRIGHT has another like brilliantly done long take shot you briefly mentioned where Eric Bana walks out of the train station. And then there's a few guys hiding behind things as the camera goes past and that was cool. And banner slowly notices them as they follow him to the subway station then there's this like, brilliant sequence where the camera just starts spinning around and slowly you know, revealing more and more goons. The camera work you know doesn't stop spinning during the fight scene as well. That was really impressive camera work the fight itself a bit so so not the best and a bit dumb as well. And like how can you shoot your own man? That's pretty Yeah, well, yeah. Like you're begging. Yeah, true. It wasn't like it was even a clear shot. I think in retrospect, I was probably taken aback by that fight scene because the camera work was so great. And I suppose if I would actually analyse it, you know, maybe it wasn't as good. But definitely the camera work was yeah, that was that's by far the probably the best shot I liked. I liked. What was it what you're saying the escape of her, you know, wasn't that impressive? I did like the Humvees going over when she Oh, yeah, that was cool. The Humvees going over. And then like a bird's eye view shot. And she's there, Humvee, she's there Humvee and then she's gone. She's like, under a Humvee. And I thought that was pretty cool. Yeah, I'm not sure how she gets onto there. Sure. Pretty, pretty good. I mean, it's kind of established like she's, like somewhat superhuman, you know, she was created and I think to be honest, that is the that is the only really remarkable thing she does. I think other than that, she just looks like She's trained very well. And only when she discovers Oh shit, I'm like a super soldier. I don't know. She's kind of like quite an underwhelming super soldier. I mean, she's pretty cool. She kick ass, but it's like, I mean, I think if they had had her escape, and it was a lot more challenging and like, just a crazy fucking scene, then you're like, oh, man, only she could have escaped that. As it stands. It was like, I think you're right. It's like, you ever escaped, like, the most secure facility in the world or whatever. And she just like kills three guys and literally goes up a fucking shaft. Yeah. Like, why would you even have that? Yeah. I mean, that was that was fairly believable. But yeah, I think like they cut around enhancements of your super strength, you know, they, because I've just felt like they didn't know how to do it. They didn't know how to achieve showing that on screen. So they just saw it as not. Unlike the action scene in and around all the shipping containers wasn't very impressive to me. Like the hand to hand combat just felt very slow and almost like it was still at the rehearsal stage before being ready to film. Because I get the sense that because sigh Sharon said Ronan was very, like, young in this film. And you can tell to me that the bad guys were kind of holding back a little because she's very young. And it just doesn't feel right. Yeah, I didn't want to really beat the shit out of her. But the cat and mouse stuff was was was great. Again, like all done in one shot. That was really cool, actually, to get that right. But again, like the action was very team plus the goon has clearly not played enough platformer game, so there was no way he should have got knocked off of that shipping container. I mean, you need to play some more and everyone needs to play some more. Yes. A clue for an upcoming. I think my favourite scenes are just where she has to like, hide. Really? I think those are really great. Actually. I think they're just done. Like either when all the goons are coming for at the shack or whatever at the cabin. I thought the setup was really nice with that where she's hiding in the back of that family's RV. I thought that was that was really sad. That was pretty tense. That was pretty cool. Oh, what was it where they go to the where she goes to wait for her dad, basically her caretaker or whatever the guy that is meant to look after tiller, dad gets there, like and they come over there. And then she's got to hide under the bed and all that stuff. I mean, that shit was pretty tense. So I like I like the scenes where she's got to hide and stuff like that. That first scene when she enters the grim house, the grim fairytale house that really pissed me off because it's going grey, the atmosphere of it is brilliant. And then then Joe Wright justice does this random flip of the camera shot. I'm just like, what you doing? I don't I don't understand what you're doing. Why are you flipping the camera from being upside down to upright again? I wonder why. Like, the whole atmosphere of the set is giving you all the atmosphere you need. You don't need to do something wacky with the camera. I don't understand. Again, just like, calm down. I think I think I'm like, you know, you know, some of this stuff. I'm not remembering because I think I think I think if you're gonna do if you're gonna do crazy stuff with a camera, like it's got to serve some sort of function, you know, enhance the scene and then I think it sticks in your brain. But if you're just doing stuff to be clever, I don't know. It's I think I kind of agree with you. I think there was There are scenes where like, the camera is doing way too much. So I like how the film is bookended on her hunting a deer and then hunting down. Marissa. I thought that was pretty cool. You know, I like the symmetry of that. That's yeah, plot wise. Probably not the smartest idea if you're like the head of a government agency to literally by yourself hunt down the world's greatest assassin. Test you like that's probably stupid, but you know. Very stupid. The scene itself I quite liked I quite liked where she was chasing her down after she shot her with an arrow and really well I quite liked it. Well, you didn't like it. I didn't. I thought it's really dumb. Like the ending was very disappointing, just in terms of believable physics. Like Hannah and Marissa me on like an abandoned ghost train track. And Hannah's like Just leave me alone. She turns her back to Marissa. Marissa is about to shoot her in the back. But But no, Hannah has time to stretch out a piece of elastic that just appears out of nowhere on an arrow and fling it into Marissa side. While Marissa sheets Hannah in the side too. And you can tell that it's ridiculous because they don't even show. You know, there's just a close up on Hannah. On Hannah's hand, releasing the arrow and a shot of Cate Blanchett shunting herself. That's it. You don't show that you know the The arrow in flight or anything, no real wide shots again, like really cutting around? Well, it's like I like her chasing, you know, after she's been shot looking for Marissa, if that makes sense. But I kind of get what you mean. Like, I did think it was silly to have a draw between a bow and a bullet. It's almost as if they couldn't make it work. So they were forced to shoot around it. I think it would have made more sense if she had shot with a bow and arrow before she like if she got the drop on her, and then shot with a bow and arrow, because I don't think you're really, you know, doing a draw with a bow and arrow or whatever with an arrow head and as you said, like a piece of piece of string or whatever. And she turned around like, I mean, that's, you know, that that's a bad idea. Like she could just shot her in the head. Like, you know, she's just lucky. She shot her in like, I don't even know where she shot. Yeah, I'm swear to God, it should have been fatal. It should be sort of straight through the heart before she had a chance to turn around. I mean, she's clearly like combat trained. Yeah. Marissa V. Gless. Yeah, she Yeah, she should have just shot her in the head. And to be honest, even if you didn't shoot her in the head, the fact that she got shot. I don't think she's then turning around and, and firing off an arrow. You know, that. Yeah, that can take her out at the same time. I don't think that's gonna, it just all feels a bit silly. Yeah, like a bit can be contrived. I think that's more you know, the plotting of the scene. But I do like her kind of following the trail of her as if she was hunting her. And then it bookends the beginning of the film, even she sees a deer and she finds her and literally shoots her in the face. And the same way she shot the deer. I kind of like that book. And yeah, but she doesn't have like a weapon at that point. There's she has no nothing to actually tempt her to kill that deer. So the only bookend is the fact that there's a deer there. You know, she doesn't have a weapon at that point. So it doesn't work as well as it should. Well, I think she thinks she put picks up her gun because she trips and falls, which is fucking silly to be to be honest, that that's pretty silly, because that's a contrived way to get her to get bookended, you know, because she doesn't have a garden. Marissa has a gun. And she's bloody lucky that Marissa is stupid. Marissa is very, very stupid. She could have shot her in the face. Once you should have brought back up to she could have easily shot her in the face. And three when she does have to drop on her when she's been. She's the one with the gun. Why are you running away from the teenager? When you have the gun? You know, and then when she does get the drop on as she trips over a fucking slide, you know, I mean, that's silly. Yeah, I think about it. But um, yeah, the comedy fall doesn't help. Yeah, that's a bit contrived. I did like the scene where she she shot her mother. I thought that was cool. And that, you know, you have that, because that's done. Oh, yeah, that's done in one tape, where the cars going. And she literally comes out of the billboard, behind the billboard. And I like that. It's all just done in one shot, shoot, choose the car and ducks out of the way and the car crashes, and then goes over, you know, I thought that was done. That was pretty cool. That was probably one of the best action scenes actually. Yeah, and even thinking about that, like, other than and that's just a dive in a roll and shooting. And that's that's really good. That stands out. I think. Yeah, it's just yeah, sometimes the camera work is really good. But yeah, I think it kind of right. Like the choreography as an action film. isn't like that strong. No, this film is never gonna feel that impressive when when we live in the days of John Wick now. And even even female lead action films like atomic blonde atomic blonde. Holy crap. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Atomic blonde. My god. Yeah, that was that was quite stunning. But even like, this was a time of Jason Bourne. And so when I first saw a trailer of this film, it was like a, it's basically like a mini you know, female Jason Bourne. But yeah, but you can't even compare it to Matt because the the action scenes of Jason Bourne are just they're just crazy. So I don't think they really this really compares. Maybe if it had like more interesting choreography. I think my favourite scenes were actually at the start. We've all like the forest. Snowy stuff. That was definitely my favourite. Like I enjoyed the little montage training sequence that starts off with with a memory of a girl from her past then Hannah hears his gunshots from outside and all the images of this girl with blue hair cut to the gunshots which was a nice way to start off your montage. You know, Joe Wright has this connection to music mainly using like diegetic sound like the sound effects become like the music in the score again, like atonement at times. You know, there's gunshots and sound effects of the pair practising fighting with sticks that begins to sound very musical, again adds to the score. Plus the dialogue from a site or own and repeating over and over in German becomes part of the music too. And I think Joe Wright is a very like rhythmical filmmaker and there's no surprise that there's a musical sequence in Spain and and Hannah is watching it like a paso. And again, the cutting gets quicker and quicker. And cuts the next scene right on the beat. You know, I think it's no surprise as well that you know, his next film is Cyrano musical. I think he's probably been crying out to do one for a while. Yeah, I like the scene where she gets like thoroughly overwhelmed, because she's never, you know, used a television before her like electronics. And she turns it on. There's a war film going on and keeps like increasing the volumes. I don't know what the fuck I'm doing. And like the phone rings, she's trying to turn it off with the remote and just gets way too much for she runs out the room. And I like how that was done. It was cutting away where it gets more and more panic inducing shit. Yeah, I did enjoy that scene. That was wild. Yeah. So score bars. What you going for for directing? Oh, yeah, man, I think I think he makes some good points. And I think I think there are good shots. I think, as you said, like, there are some things where he's doing stuff where you like, that's kind of not necessary. But I do think there are some, there are some good things. There are some good shots, as you say, you know, sound music and all that stuff. I think there are some good things. I think as an action film, it's it's not as interesting. I think the action kind of as we've talked about, isn't that great? Lads, it really does let it down. I think I'll go a fucking hour, I'll go like a 6.7 I was going similar as well. Again, just a lot of unnecessary camera flashes, stuff that just feels very out of place. And just doesn't work. In my opinion. It's just way too much. So a lot of the direction didn't work for me. And I think it's one of these cases where and inexperienced action directors come in and try to do an action film differently. And it just doesn't work. So I'll go 6.5 For me, right screenplay. The screenplay is quite simple, and the script allows the weird like quirky elements of the film to really shine through. I felt like there were no real surprises in the scripts. You see Hannah holding the DNA document a few times and it wasn't hard to guess that she was genetically enhanced. I didn't guess that bandhas character Eric was not her father, but I wasn't like oh my god, I can't believe what I'm seeing. It wasn't a huge shock. You know, I feel like the film should have stayed in the forest of light SIP Leipsic a bit more to make Eric and Hannah's bond a little more stronger. Yeah, I quite this might sound controversial but I like the the kind of very strange family she essentially goes on a road trip with really, really weird they're a bunch of hippies like oh, you just wish Hannah fucking kill especially the especially Sophie the teenager. Please kill her now. I move on. Alright, so you didn't like it? I quite liked it. They were interesting. I mean, the father was was quite reasonable like we are where is where the where the mother is like, oh, no, parenting is different. No more. What are you doing? She slaps down two skinned rabbits. Oh, yeah. I thought it was kind of adorable that, you know, Sophie, such a bloody weird, essentially like sorority girl or whatever. She's she's very strange. She's like one of those horrible caricatures of a of a cool, cool girl. Just talking shit, but I kind of thought it was adorable how they actually crush on each other. They actually quite like each other. Like, in a romantic way. Yeah. I mean, that scene was acceptable. Fine. I mean, the scenes where Hannah and her really annoying friend Sophie go on a night out with these two Spanish kids who are like way too old for them didn't feel believable at all. Like, one those guys are way too old for them to the Spanish guys would have ran a mile from the really annoying teenage girl. So when Hannah and the guy really nearly kiss and Hannah throws him to the ground and Hannah asks, Sophie, should I let him go? Like no. Move on seriously. And while you're at it, kill Sophie. Please so yeah, Sophie's on your hit list. Definitely. But I quite liked the fact that the flashback scene with Cate Blanchett. character, Marissa vigla, comes quite early in the film showing that she killed Hannah's mother. Because Cate Blanchett was acting quite shifty. And you know, she's not telling her colleagues the whole truth. And you get there very early on. And I love the fact that this film doesn't fall into the trap of revealing that near the end where so many films do, where you see their reveal a mile away, they reveal it. And you're like, Yeah, we know. What's your boy? Yeah. Some cool lines. Some funny line. I mean, there are some funny lines in this near the start for America banners character, Eric, the great blue whale. I'm not. It's very strange accent is like the great blue whale is the largest animal to have ever existed. Its heart weighs 1300 pounds. And a male has seven gallons of testicle. That was that was pretty funny. I like where he was asked it. Like the father was asking. Where's your mother? And she was like, Oh, she died. But she's like, very matter of fact, you know? Yes, she's dead. There's Oh, that's that's that's terrible. Like, oh, don't worry. It was ages ago. How did she die? Three bullets to the face. You know, it's like I always, always like Jesus Christ. And they don't think anything dodgy is. Yeah, I know. They don't report this to the authorities. Like you know. Yeah, exactly. I try and try and just be like, I think she needs to be put in custody. Her father sounds like, like really sort of neglectful stranded in the middle of Morocco. By far. My favourite character is Tom Holland. Oh, yeah. character he plays to slay gay German hitman. He says at one point. And that's all you got, huh? Ron little piggy. Yeah, I think he was chasing him in the car. But my favourite line from him warline exchange between vigla and his character is when she says she's a bit old for you, isn't she? And she says she has male and female genitals. Yeah, that's, that's weird. Do you remember when he was going through tents? And the sun saw him? You know, he just kind of opened this tent. And he's like, he's like, is this sand man? Go to sleep? What the hell? I find it weird that he thought nothing of it that the kid just went back to bed that would have terrified the shit out of me. Like you got this blonde. He just opens my tent says he must have been like, hang on. I did not imagine the same man to be engaging. Got a favourite line then? Yeah, maybe that actually it's the same. It's just like, What the hell? Or maybe you know, how did you mother die? Three, three bullets. That sounds pretty serious. But it is hilarious. So I think well score. What's your score Boaz first graph for the screenplay. Man, this is so difficult this? I don't know. I really don't know. I do feel. I do feel there are there are bits. You know, even the stuff I said in directing is really to do with the script. And there are bits that do feel contrived. But there are so many films where like contrived stuff are executed way better? Yeah. than this. Yeah, true. That is true. I think maybe I'll just fuck it. I'm not thinking about this anymore. I'll just do it. I'll do it the same as I did directing. I'll just give it a 6.7 or something. 6.6. For me, I do think the script is better than the direction I do think. Yeah, actually, actually. I think actually, I feel I made a mistake. Give it a shot. Six 6.9 Yeah, I don't feel right about putting that low than directly. I'll go to 7.2 because I think I appreciate they bring this the flashback early. So it's not a really disappointing reveal. I definitely appreciate that. And I like the fact that there's enough intrigue with the DNA stuff, you know, and they don't try and over complicated the story or the scripts and there are some really hilarious lines and Tom Holland, his character is hilarious. So you got to give credit for that. But again, with the reveals of like, you know, the fact that Eric Bana was not her father, it was like me, okay, yeah. It wasn't a big shock. Yeah, it's not actually like world changing or whatever. I'm trying to think what a reveal would be that would like blow this wide open the thing What the fuck? I suppose this is gonna sound crazy, but if like Marissa was related to her, like, was it Yeah, actually, yeah. Then you're like Jesus Christ. To Mother. You like bearing that would blow my mind. Yeah, like a double bluff. Yeah. You know that Eric was basically lying to her, you know? He killed your mother. She is your mother but she I want you as a secret government weapon. Oh shit. You know, maybe that would have made the film like, last night when acting then Tom Holland. As we said a few times is brilliant as this gay German hitman. Yeah, like he's just talking very calmly. To Cate Blanchett in this weird like basement club. There's like some sort of performance going on on the stage. Then in the middle of the conversation, he just shouts stop, start again, like in German and slaps the guy next to him. It's a very funny outburst, and he's quite anxious looking for a few moments. Yeah. Like he really wants his performance to be just right. Yeah. Yeah, I thought he was pretty. I think he's pretty good. I think he might be my favourite. I think. What was it? I didn't like Cate Blanchett tax and it kind of really bothered me. No, it really annoyed me. Yeah, I didn't like her accent. That was irritating. Actually, quite a lot of characters. Put on accents. I find that strange. Like I think Tom Holland is probably doesn't the best, but like, why is Eric is Eric Bana. What the hell is he speaking? Is he German? I think they're supposed to be all German. Apart from Cate Blanchett. He's supposed to be America. Her accent really bothered me. Just really kind of rubbed me. Okay, I'd rather she just took like Cate Blanchett. Weirdly, it didn't bother me that much. I didn't mind it so much. Yeah, fair enough. Again, like the accents. For me. Were not the problem with this film. Yeah. I think the accents were okay. Yeah, I think I think almost every accent was was was pretty good. I don't know why. But yes, yeah, her accent just bothered me. Throughout the whole movie. It bothered me. Not that it was a bad performance. I'm saying it's just you know, the way she talked about it? No, she really gives the film some real integrity. Yeah. And like we say we were kind of shitting on that last scene between Cate Blanchett and say, Sharon, and in terms of acting from both of them is really good. It's just everything else. Yeah. Especially from Cate Blanchett. Yeah, I think the best fight scene for me though was near the end between banner and again in the in the abandoned play area, where it's all done in like slow motion. And you can see the actors doing all the moves themselves. Not that they weren't before, but it just felt more clear. And I felt like the actors were were given more licence to really go for it in those fight scenes. Because it was all like slow down. It just felt more visceral and you could feel the punches a bit more. Yeah, I kind of wish that fight was a bit more extended, but actually did quite like the shot of that bird's eye view. Oh yeah, wrangle with new see Eric banners dead body like on the America. That was quite pretty. So favourite performance for me is Tom Hollander by far. Yeah, no, I agree with you there. I think he was a he's quite an entertaining villain. So score bars. What are you going for? For acting? Oh, man. I think maybe I'll I'll go much, much higher. I think I'll go like a 7.9 I don't think there was like problems with the acting. No, but I think there are problems with the fight scenes. I just feel like like even the the fight scene with the the long take with Eric banner in the in the subway. It just didn't feel rehearsed enough. And the fight scene between you know, say, Sharon, and taking out the guys in with all their shipping containers around her. It just didn't feel right. And you got to judge that on acting, I think as well. It just didn't feel convincing enough for me. But what saves that is the you know, the normal? Yeah, we're not normal, but the non fighting action saves. And Tom Holland is amazing. He's having a great time. So go like 7.7 I think right out of the schools then for Hannah. which needs a Hey, Hannah gets 42.9 so atonement wins pretty comfortably. I think we're 50.0 50.7 next week as Moon fall where the moon falls down. That looks stupid. Sounds stupid as hell. I saw I've seen trailers of that. That looks so silly. I'll probably watch it but it looks down. There's hell. Yeah, so we're focusing on next one, where the moon falls down. And that of course is directed by Roland Emmerich. So we'll be picking our favourite Roland Emmerich films. So that one should be very exciting. Yes. So thank you guys. You have been an amazing quiet assassin. Wrapping up as well. Well, mainly me to be here. Yeah, mainly you. Find the little bits. Yeah. Bye bye. Yeah. And you've been a posh a little tough. Buy. That's it for this week's pod. Thank you for listening. We hope you enjoyed it. 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